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Community Priorities 

Public Safety

When I first moved to the Henry County in 2008 as a single mom, it was important for me to live in a community where my family could feel safe. Public Safety is important for every Henry County resident especially for senior citizens and single parent homes. Public safety in our community encompasses both using technology in law enforcement and ensuring we have public resources available within the community, such as fire stations and recreation centers. 


Quality of Life

District 2 is a super District of Henry County from residential development, agricultural advancements, commercial base industries, and tourism. It is imperative that our leadership sees the bright future for Henry County and work together to support every aspect of our county. As a former middle school teacher, I will support education and enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Henry County. This includes, protecting our businesses, property investments to protect the character of our county.  District 2 is an area that you can eat, work and play.  My outlook is that we continue to bring in positive jobs,  high-quality homes are built,  and a large tax base to balance budgets to maintain our growth. 

Economic Development

Economic Development is a growing sector for Henry County. To continue growth in District 2, we must provide in small businesses, women-owned businesses and veteran- owned businesses the opportunity to have public participation and government funding to build a thriving economy for all of Henry County.

Transportation Improvements

With District 2 growing economy, how citizens travel around the county is of upmost importance. Community Engagement and participation for government agencies must come together to think of innovate plans to provide relief for heavily traveled roads in Henry County. With the 1941 revitalization plan and other transportation initiatives, better commutes will provides citizens with a better sense of quality life.